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ZimBOARD Hard Maple “CHOPPER” Cutting Board
DIMENSIONS: 20”L X 18”W X 1.75”D
BOARD WEIGHT: 12 pounds

Our “Chopper” Solid Hardwood Cutting Board features a trenched pocket that catches juices or food pieces – the opposite side of the board provides a flat surface for cutting up vegetables or other ingredients. We’ve designed this board for both carving and serving roasts, barbeque meats and poultry. Our boards are thick and provide a comfortable surface for cutting meat, vegetables and fruits on. Our boards also offer a tremendous décor value with the beautiful natural wood character and are sure to get noticed.

Hard Maple typically has a light colored sapwood with a gold hue while its heartwood is usually a darker reddish brown. Hard Maple commonly has a quilted or curly grain pattern that dramatically increases its character. Grain is usually straight but can be wavy and has a fine even texture. Additionally, Hard Maple is a closed-grain hardwood and helps to stop liquid absorption into the wood – stopping food contamination.   

All of our wood is Southeastern Pennsylvania Hardwood that we salvage, purchasing logs from trees that were removed due to storm damage or threated a structure. We saw these logs into thick wood slabs, air dry them for a year or more then kiln dry them for 2-3 weeks until they are ready to be used for furniture, shelves or cutting boards.

ZimBOARD Cutting Boards are solid single piece cutting boards and therefore require simple routine maintenance. Boards should be stored on edge allowing for uniform exposure to the surrounding atmosphere and oiled using a food grade mineral oil or cutting board conditioner.   

*Reversible Use, Contoured Juice Pocket on one side, Flat Cutting Surface on the opposite.
*Kiln Dried Pennsylvania Hard Maple
*Live-Edge & Flat-Edge
*Beautiful Figure and Rustic Character
*Made in Lancaster Pennsylvania
*Solid single board

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SKU:B-CHOPPER-M-LE-1820 1.75
ZimBOARD Live-Edge Hard Maple "CHOPPER" Cutting Board
19550 23000

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