Homegrown Beauty - Top Reasons to Buy Products Made in the USA

Cathy Zimmer

When you think of beauty products, you may think something exotic or expensive will yield the greatest results. The real beauty of it is, there are amazing product lines that not only are inexpensive and made with natural ingredients, but that are also made right here in the USA. There are so many reasons to buy beauty products made in the USA. The following are just some of the reasons why American made brands are the way to go.

Quality Products and Safe Working Conditions

When you buy beauty products made in the USA, you're getting a safe, quality product. Moreover, buying American made products supports American workers, child labor laws, safe working conditions and American safety standards. More than 75% of Americans prefer to buy American made products. The US also has higher quality environmental regulations with more stringent rules. You can ensure that when you buy American made eco- friendly beauty products, you are getting products that are helping to keep the world a little cleaner by reducing the amount of pollution being put into our environment. Be sure to check your beauty products packaging to make sure your beauty products were made in the USA, and also look to see that your products were manufactured in America. In recent years, this is a topic that has become important to consumers as well. In the USA, companies will usually put this in bold letters on their product.

Three of the Best American Made Beauty Brands

In today's quest for the top American made products, there are websites dedicated to researching and bringing these product to you. Treasuredcountrygifts.com is an amazing site that brings you high-quality American-Made products to purchase for yourself, or as a meaningful gift for someone special in your life. Along with products found online, there are beauty products on department store shelves, found in major chains, and in local drug stores. With so many products to choose from, it's so reassuring to know that some of the highest quality beauty products are made in the USA. Here are three favorite brands made in America:

  • Philosophy. This all-American brand made its debut in 1996 and has become a fan favorite ever since, even making it onto Oprah's favorite things episode.
  • Rms beauty is a chemical free beauty line manufactured in the US. RMS uses raw, organic ingredients in their purest form, which not only makes their products non-toxic, but creates a product that nourishes and heals the skin.
  • Tata Harper is a skin-care line, handmade and sourced in Vermont. They manufacture their products themselves as well to ensure everything that goes in is 100% natural.

The list of beauty products made in the USA is endless. From makeup, to shampoos, to soaps, deodorants, beauty tools and more, you can be sure that when you shop beauty products from Treasuredcountrygifts.com it's a win, win! Not only are you are getting a higher quality product that is made in America, but you're helping to support local economies, you're keeping the environment clean and you're helping America grow stronger.