Spring Cleaning

Cathy Zimmer

The Holidays are over and all the decor is packed away.  The house is looking like it needs a pop of color!  Before I get ahead of myself its time for the big Spring Cleaning.  I have all those cleaner pins saved and yet here I am with my ole bucket of hot soapy water!

I washed down the walls and all the doors and trim, cleaned the windows and scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom.  I cleaned under the furniture and shampooed the rugs.  Curtains are still in a pile to be ironed but I'm going to put that off as long as possible because I really don't like to iron.

It is still winter outside and my house is smelling very fresh and clean. Off to tackle the kitchen. Cleaning out the cabinets is very time consuming. Then again Spring Cleaning is time consuming. During the Holidays I changed most of my dry goods over to mason jars and used the mason jar flip lid or mason jar pour lid, this task is going faster than usual. Not only do my cabinets look organized I can set the sugar out on the counter next to the coffee pot in place of the sugar bowl. It ads a welcome pop of color.  The fridge and stove are all clean I am almost done! This is not a one day job especially when you have dogs following you and looking at you from the other side of the french doors that you just cleaned and leaving nose prints. 

It just started snowing again so no sense in washing the floor.  I'm off to the grocery store.  Hoping I can get some fresh cut daffodils.  Yes.. I know...I still have to iron the curtains lol.  Happy Spring!!