ZimBOARDS Black Cherry Flat-Edge Floating Shelf

Our shelves are “single-board” Pennsylvania hardwood and full of beautiful figure and color. We salvage logs from urban trees that were removed due to storm injuries or threatened a structure. We saw these logs into thick wood slabs then air dry for a year or more (all of our wood is kiln dried). Our wood is not bland commercial lumber but rather thick boards full of interesting eye-catching character. All of our wood is sourced locally from Southeastern Pennsylvania and our shelves are made by skilled Lancaster County Craftsmen.    

WOOD – Pennsylvania Black Cherry is known for its beautiful red/brown color tones and tight grain. “Shelf end” edges reveal growth rings while the front Flat-Edge expose edge grain adding to the shelfs overall character. Our shelves are always single board and full of character, not glued up pieces of wood.   

SIZES - We offer standard floating shelf lengths of 30” and 48” but can accommodate other sizes. Flat-Edge shelves are sawn in depths from 8” to 12” (custom size requests are welcomed).

LUSTROUS FINISH – Each shelf is sprayed with a clear coat - post catalyzed varnish that brings out the woods character and leaves a lustrous smooth surface of protection.  

STEEL BRACKET - Each Floating Shelf is routed and drilled for its hidden steel wall bracket (steel mounting bracket included). Our brackets are made of ¼” cold rolled steel with welded ¾” posts the shelf slides onto, pushed flush to the wall. The steel shelf bracket has countersunk screw holes drilled every 4” to cross over as many wall studs as possible – fasten only to wood wall studs or masonry.  Shelf installation is easy with only simple tools required – installation instructions are included with the shelf. 

Finished thickness - 2"
Width - 30” & 48” are standard sizes – custom size requests are welcome.

Depth – Our Flat-Edge Shelves are sawn at 8”, 10” and 12” (custom size requests are welcomed). 
Finish – All shelves are fine-sanded then sprayed with a clear coat / catalyzed varnish.

Hardware: Cold rolled steel Hidden Floating Shelf Bracket w/ wood screws.

Weight Capacity – We recommend no more than 60 lbs. per 30” shelf – weight capacity may vary depending on installation.


Shelf images are representative examples of our flat-edge shelves.  Sold individually.  Made in Lancaster County Pennsylvania USA.  FREE SHIPPING

What's Inside the Kit?

  1. Solid Cherry or Walnut Shelf (available in 30” and 48” wide by 12” deep).
  2. Shelf is routed and drilled to fit the accompanying steel wall bracket.
  3. Heavy-Duty Cold-rolled Steel Floating Shelf Wall Bracket with wood screws.

All of our shelves are made of solid Pennsylvania Hardwood sawn from our logs and finished here in Lancaster County by our skilled craftsmen. Our Flat-edge shelves have minimal imperfections such as splits, and knots while our Live-edge shelves are more rustic with more natural and unique character.


Learn more about the wood & installation

Click here to download our complete guide on installation and more details on the wood used to create your beautiful floating shelf.


Solid Cherry Flat-Edge Floating Shelf Kit

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