Get the American Farmhouse Look With Artisan Made Metal Decor

Cathy Zimmer

The Americana farmhouse nestled just on the edge of town is a source of inspiration that many interior designers have been drawn to. Simplistic and nostalgic decor pieces associated with this style creates an inviting character that pervades any room they are in. The timeless charm of the American farmhouse can effortlessly be incorporated into both rural and urban homes with one simple trick. The thoughtful placement of a few American made iron decor pieces can instantly turn any room into a stylish homage to the beloved farmhouse design style.

American Made Iron Candleholders Are Essential Decor Accents for Your Home

Iron framed candleholders are the simplest way to merge the farmhouse appeal into your home's current design theme. The minimalist lines created by the bent and welded iron bars allow you to maintain a modern theme throughout the room while still calling back to American rustic origins. These are the perfect decor solution for those wanting to make their homes a little more agrarian without having to completely redecorate.

Flat Iron Cutouts Can Be Used as Functional Home Decor

Another basic method to bring a rustic touch to any home is the use of flat iron cutouts. Like the iron statues, these American made iron creations add a homey to touch to a room without overpowering existing contemporary themes. The silhouettes can be placed on a wall as a piece of art; or used as book, napkin or business card holders. If you want to enhance the farm motif, you can also order an iron cutout with a custom rusted patina.

Our online store is stocked with dozens of iron sculptures and cutouts, all made by American craftspeople. Check out our home decor section to find the perfect Americana statement pieces to bring the farmhouse style into your home.