Find the Perfect Unique Handcrafted Jewelry for Your Boho/Folk Outfits

Cathy Zimmer

The resurgences of both music festivals and pride in American artisans have sparked a huge demand for unique handcrafted jewelry made in the USA. Unlike foreign mass produced accessories, each piece of small batch jewelry radiates the unique character of its designer and the community it was crafted in. This personalized spirit is what makes American made jewelry the perfect statement piece for your eclectic Boho outfits or classic folk looks. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces and how they can beautifully accent you or your friends’ style.

Playful Jewelry Pieces for Your Bohemian Lifestyle

Boho fashion is all about making a joyous statement of freedom with comfortable and practical clothes. This style, championed in the 60’s, has been resurrected and brought into everyday fashion by modern music festival goers. American made jewelry has become a staple of this scene because it allows you to support the national community while exhibiting a one-of-a-kind creation. Our favorite playful standouts for this look are the Three Circle Pendant with Hematite Bead Necklace, Silver Cap with Silver Ring Earring and the All Around Silver Bracelet.

Accessories for Your Timeless American Folk Outfits With Exquisite Jewelry

The folk chic style has also gained popularity with festival enthusiasts lately. Unlike Boho, this fashion trend is composed of more classic components that have lasted the test of time. Our Silver Bead Rubber Lariat and Turquoise Bracelet are modern interpretations of vintage American jewelry that will compliment a huge variety of trendy folk wardrobes.

American made jewelry is the perfect accessory for your independent style whether you’re inspired more by Boho or folk influences. Our online store is stocked with a vast selection of exceptional and unique pieces, all hand-crafted by American artists. Take a look and find amazing jewelry accessories for you and your friends or family.