Celebrating Easter with Handmade American Country Décor

Cathy Zimmer

Spring is officially here. New flowers are beginning to bloom and the warm days of summer are just around the corner. This is also Easter time, which calls for the gathering of friends and family to celebrate this season of renewal. These special gatherings often happen around dining tables with laughter and cheer, so how are you prepping your table with the “must-have” décor this Easter? 

 Eggs-travagant Décor

Easter country decoreggs are one of the signature items of this season and can be as fun make as they are to place around your table. Make a statement this year by decorating eggs with elegant pastel colors and gluing miniature scrapbook flowers to the outside. Learn how to drain the yolks without damaging the shell so you can keep them for future Easters in this article, Country Living article, Hop to It! 43 Easy Crafts to Make This Easter. For unique eggs with texture, try wrapping colorful four-ply twine around the full surface of your eggs (also featured in the article above).

Fresh and Fragrant Centerpieces

If you’re hocountry decor eastersting Easter brunch or dinner this year, fresh springtime favorites such as lilies, daffodils, tulips, or daisies can make beautiful and simple centerpieces. Looking to add a quick touch of country? Replacing your traditional vases with mason jars can give your centerpiece a more rustic look. For those who don’t get along with flower pollen but still want the look and scent, organize artificial flowers around one or more handmade scented vanilla spice pillar candle.


Bring Easter Meaning to Your Table

Cloth napkins and table cloths may seem like no-brainers but can become the most important additions to the Easter table. White, violet, pink, and green colors all stem from the liturgical origins of Easter and give table settings added meaning to your setting this spring. If you’re unsure about which color you’d like to try out this year, learn more about them this Country Living article, The Real Meaning Behind the Colors of Easter.

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