Add Colonial Style to Your Home With American Made Lighting

Cathy Zimmer

The perfect way to make a house feel homier is to infuse a little rustic charm with a few carefully placed accent pieces. And, if you really want to make a room instantly more inviting, one of these decor accessories needs to be an American made colonial tin lamp or lantern. These stunning antique fixtures bring classic charisma to any room while bathing it in warm, relaxing light.

Tin Lantern Lights Pay Homage to America's Colonial History

Hand stamped tin lanterns became a staple of interior design on America’s colonial frontier. With limited luxuries available, our resourceful countrymen used what sparse resources they had to craft these cozy decor items. Old tin cans and stove pipes were usually the canvases and carpentry nails were employed to stamp the holes. While they may have been crudely constructed, the intricate pattern of gashes and holes created dazzlingly beautiful effects as a candle's light flickered inside the lantern. These historic lamps are the original American made lighting fixtures.

Artisan Made Tin Lights Bring American Colonial Flair to Any Room

The decorative lighting fixtures, first produced in colonial America, have lasted the test of time and are still found in homes across the country. Instead of candles, many are wired for modern light bulbs, but other than that the hand-crafting process has not changed much throughout the years. These folksy lamps have the ability to channel classic American traditionalism while still seamlessly complementing a room’s contemporary design scheme.

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