Light Up Your Home With American Made Lamps

Cathy Zimmer

No room is complete without a selection of ornamental lighting; lamps are often the finishing touch to any beautifully furnished, American made lamps can bring a sense of comfort and style to any room in your home. Our colonial style lamps and lanterns will bring the timeless charm of the colonial frontier to your home decor. At Treasured Country Gifts we have a variety of American made lamps and lanterns that are crafted with care.

Tin Accent Lamps Bring The Colonial Style To Your Home

More than just a lighting fixture, a colonial tin accent lamp is inspired by those who lived on the frontier. The beautifully patterned willow design of our lamps will cast an intricate and attractive pattern on your walls. While these lamps were previously used with candles, ours have been crafted to be fitted with light bulbs in order to bring the brightness you need in your home. However, they still hold the same nostalgic design that will bring touches of the colonial frontier to any room in your home.

Tin Lanterns To Guide You To Colonial Decor

While we may not need lanterns to help us safely navigate through the darkness as those who lived in colonial times, our American made rustic tin lanterns will bring a unique touch to your room’s decor. Whether you want to hang it up outside or place it in your living room, the intricately stamped pattern will bring a similar illusion of light as our American made lamps by the shadows that they cast.

When you need the perfect touch of rustic, colonial decor, make sure to come to Treasured Country Gifts. You can choose from our selection of American made lamps and lanterns to light up your home. Find the perfect fixture for you today!