Give Your Friends and Family the Gift of American Made Products

Cathy Zimmer
What's better than giving someone a great gift? Giving them a hand-crafted American made gift that will both withstand the test of time and will support the local communities who made it. A gift from Treasured Country Gifts will not only make the receiver happy but will make you proud that you supported your fellow American.

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Set Your Space Aglow With Candles Made in the USA

Cathy Zimmer

Hand made scented candles - Made in USAThere is something magical about the dancing light of a candle. A well-placed candle can make even the humblest space look elegant, or bring a touch of warmth to your decor. Sometimes it is simply the beauty of a candle arrangement that can bring the finishing touch to a room. Other times the soft fragrance of a USA made candle can bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your space.

At Treasured Country Gifts, we carry a beautiful selection of fragranced candles, all made in the USA, in an assortment of sizes. Our favorite fragrances include cranberry, nutty apple and vanilla. The simple charm of a candle makes them perfect for nearly any style of interior design. A single candle can add a bit of soft ambiance to a room. Or using a variety of sizes and shapes of candles placed on a decorative platter can create a gorgeous centerpiece.

Choosing USA Made Candle Holders to Bring Your Style To Life

Even though candles are beautiful on their own, you may want to consider adding a decorative holder to create the perfect look for your home. An iron candle holder that is made in the USA is perfect for a home with industrial, modern or eclectic decor. If your style is more traditional or rustic, consider one of our tin or rusty tin lanterns or tart warmers.

Whenever you are looking to add that perfect touch to any room in your home, come to Treasured Country Gifts. You will be sure to find the perfect candle and holder to complete your space. Since all of our items are made in the USA, you know that you will be choosing a great quality item. Place your order today!

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Light Up Your Home With American Made Lamps

Cathy Zimmer

No room is complete without a selection of ornamental lighting; lamps are often the finishing touch to any beautifully furnished, American made lamps can bring a sense of comfort and style to any room in your home. Our colonial style lamps and lanterns will bring the timeless charm of the colonial frontier to your home decor. At Treasured Country Gifts we have a variety of American made lamps and lanterns that are crafted with care.

Tin Accent Lamps Bring The Colonial Style To Your Home

More than just a lighting fixture, a colonial tin accent lamp is inspired by those who lived on the frontier. The beautifully patterned willow design of our lamps will cast an intricate and attractive pattern on your walls. While these lamps were previously used with candles, ours have been crafted to be fitted with light bulbs in order to bring the brightness you need in your home. However, they still hold the same nostalgic design that will bring touches of the colonial frontier to any room in your home.

Tin Lanterns To Guide You To Colonial Decor

While we may not need lanterns to help us safely navigate through the darkness as those who lived in colonial times, our American made rustic tin lanterns will bring a unique touch to your room’s decor. Whether you want to hang it up outside or place it in your living room, the intricately stamped pattern will bring a similar illusion of light as our American made lamps by the shadows that they cast.

When you need the perfect touch of rustic, colonial decor, make sure to come to Treasured Country Gifts. You can choose from our selection of American made lamps and lanterns to light up your home. Find the perfect fixture for you today!

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Add Colonial Style to Your Home With American Made Lighting

Cathy Zimmer

The perfect way to make a house feel homier is to infuse a little rustic charm with a few carefully placed accent pieces. And, if you really want to make a room instantly more inviting, one of these decor accessories needs to be an American made colonial tin lamp or lantern. These stunning antique fixtures bring classic charisma to any room while bathing it in warm, relaxing light.

Tin Lantern Lights Pay Homage to America's Colonial History

Hand stamped tin lanterns became a staple of interior design on America’s colonial frontier. With limited luxuries available, our resourceful countrymen used what sparse resources they had to craft these cozy decor items. Old tin cans and stove pipes were usually the canvases and carpentry nails were employed to stamp the holes. While they may have been crudely constructed, the intricate pattern of gashes and holes created dazzlingly beautiful effects as a candle's light flickered inside the lantern. These historic lamps are the original American made lighting fixtures.

Artisan Made Tin Lights Bring American Colonial Flair to Any Room

The decorative lighting fixtures, first produced in colonial America, have lasted the test of time and are still found in homes across the country. Instead of candles, many are wired for modern light bulbs, but other than that the hand-crafting process has not changed much throughout the years. These folksy lamps have the ability to channel classic American traditionalism while still seamlessly complementing a room’s contemporary design scheme.

We carry a beautiful selection of tin lamps and lanterns on our online gift shop. Each one is made in America and guaranteed to bring rustic charm into any room you put it in. Take a look at our store’s lighting section and find the perfect fixture for your home.

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Show You Care by Giving Your Friends and Family American Made Gifts

Cathy Zimmer

Hand-Painted Decorative Cottage GourdGift giving is an art - one that isn’t always easy. If you want to make your friends and family feel special, a simple gift card just won’t do. You need to find something that is both unique and guaranteed to charm the receiver. A hand-crafted present made by an American artisan makes an amazing gift for anyone. Our Treasured County Gifts shop is filled with extraordinary items made by hard-working people right here in the USA. Take a look at our favorite gift ideas below:

Amazing Gift Ideas - All Made in USA

  • Soaps - This is perfect for the person that loves getting their hands dirty with gardening or other hobbies. We have a delightful assortment of small batch Whispering Willow soap bars formulated to thoroughly clean and smell great. We also have gift boxes that come with soap, lip balm, a cedar soap dish, and a lotion stick.
  • Candles - A candle is always appreciated, especially hand-dipped ones with scents like country garden, nutty apple and vanilla spice.
  • Jewelry - Our distinctive jewelry collection is comprised only of custom-built pieces made by a specialist in the USA. You can find a piece to match anyone’s style from our earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.
  • Seasonal Decorations - We are constantly updating our seasonal collection. Right now we have sales on holiday and winter decorations.

Don't Forget the Gift Wrapping

Every gift needs to be wrapped! Save yourself the time and effort by letting us take care of it. We offer three conveniently sized gingham print gift bags. Each comes with natural color tissue, hand tied bow and a card. Just add one to your order and we’ll ship the gift to you wrapped and ready to be presented. Find an American made gift for your loved ones today at our online store.

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Get the American Farmhouse Look With Artisan Made Metal Decor

Cathy Zimmer

The Americana farmhouse nestled just on the edge of town is a source of inspiration that many interior designers have been drawn to. Simplistic and nostalgic decor pieces associated with this style creates an inviting character that pervades any room they are in. The timeless charm of the American farmhouse can effortlessly be incorporated into both rural and urban homes with one simple trick. The thoughtful placement of a few American made iron decor pieces can instantly turn any room into a stylish homage to the beloved farmhouse design style.

American Made Iron Candleholders Are Essential Decor Accents for Your Home

Iron framed candleholders are the simplest way to merge the farmhouse appeal into your home's current design theme. The minimalist lines created by the bent and welded iron bars allow you to maintain a modern theme throughout the room while still calling back to American rustic origins. These are the perfect decor solution for those wanting to make their homes a little more agrarian without having to completely redecorate.

Flat Iron Cutouts Can Be Used as Functional Home Decor

Another basic method to bring a rustic touch to any home is the use of flat iron cutouts. Like the iron statues, these American made iron creations add a homey to touch to a room without overpowering existing contemporary themes. The silhouettes can be placed on a wall as a piece of art; or used as book, napkin or business card holders. If you want to enhance the farm motif, you can also order an iron cutout with a custom rusted patina.

Our online store is stocked with dozens of iron sculptures and cutouts, all made by American craftspeople. Check out our home decor section to find the perfect Americana statement pieces to bring the farmhouse style into your home.

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Find the Perfect Unique Handcrafted Jewelry for Your Boho/Folk Outfits

Cathy Zimmer

The resurgences of both music festivals and pride in American artisans have sparked a huge demand for unique handcrafted jewelry made in the USA. Unlike foreign mass produced accessories, each piece of small batch jewelry radiates the unique character of its designer and the community it was crafted in. This personalized spirit is what makes American made jewelry the perfect statement piece for your eclectic Boho outfits or classic folk looks. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces and how they can beautifully accent you or your friends’ style.

Playful Jewelry Pieces for Your Bohemian Lifestyle

Boho fashion is all about making a joyous statement of freedom with comfortable and practical clothes. This style, championed in the 60’s, has been resurrected and brought into everyday fashion by modern music festival goers. American made jewelry has become a staple of this scene because it allows you to support the national community while exhibiting a one-of-a-kind creation. Our favorite playful standouts for this look are the Three Circle Pendant with Hematite Bead Necklace, Silver Cap with Silver Ring Earring and the All Around Silver Bracelet.

Accessories for Your Timeless American Folk Outfits With Exquisite Jewelry

The folk chic style has also gained popularity with festival enthusiasts lately. Unlike Boho, this fashion trend is composed of more classic components that have lasted the test of time. Our Silver Bead Rubber Lariat and Turquoise Bracelet are modern interpretations of vintage American jewelry that will compliment a huge variety of trendy folk wardrobes.

American made jewelry is the perfect accessory for your independent style whether you’re inspired more by Boho or folk influences. Our online store is stocked with a vast selection of exceptional and unique pieces, all hand-crafted by American artists. Take a look and find amazing jewelry accessories for you and your friends or family.

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Decorate Your Home With American Made Products

Cathy Zimmer

Home decor is the best way to add a personal touch to your home, whether it's artwork or beautifully crafted American made products. Displaying products made in the USA throughout your home allows you and your guests to see the American values that you cherish. At the same time, you are supporting the craft workers who put their time and effort into their products. Our store has exceptionally crafted American products ranging from metal-based to rustic pillows will add a rustic, country touch to any room of your house.

American Made Metal Work Adds a Traditional Country Flair

A traditional, country look for a home is one that will never go out of style. And the best way to showcase that aesthetic is through sturdy, timeless, American products. You can add metal-based home decor products that will fit the American, country flair of your home. Our collection of rusty metal animals work for both indoor and outdoor home decor; many of them, like our rusty metal buck, are freestanding, while our rusty metal raccoon silhouette can be hung up or attached to stakes in the ground.

To add something functional and beautiful to your kitchen, there is the iron wine rack that is as sturdy as the American values it represents and is handmade in Pennsylvania. A large rooster candleholder can add just the right touch to your table's centerpiece. For a finishing touch, equestrian-themed throw pillows and accents can complete your country aesthetic.

Our online store has a variety of American made home decor pieces, as well as furniture, beauty products, and jewelry made in the USA. When you purchase an American made product with our store, it's a guaranteed win-win; not only are you helping local economies, but you are getting expertly crafted products that you and your family will enjoy.

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Finding Gift Ideas That Are Made in The USA

Cathy Zimmer

The holiday season is upon us, and that means gift buying as well. You want to find the perfect gift for every person on your list, but you also want good value. Considering gifts that are made in the USA is a great idea. When you get your US made gifts from Treasured Country Gifts, you can be sure that you are getting high quality items at the very best prices! We have some really great gift ideas for all the hard to buy for people on your list, and all our items are made in the USA.

Made in The USA Home Decor Gift Ideas

As you explore our home decor selection, you will find some fantastic iron work products. There's bears, horses, wine racks and much more! We also carry some beautiful wall hangings and kitchen items like pour tops for your mason jars. If you're looking for gift ideas that are made in the USA with a bit more of a rustic feel, check out our selection of rusty metal items, including pigs, moose and more!

Some of our most popular made in the USA gift ideas are the nice selection of candles and fragranced tarts in our online store. We also carry candle plates, tart warmers, and other beautiful candle holders. Candles are popular with the “hard to buy for” people, because of the ambience they give a home, not to mention the fragrance!

If you are looking for top of the line gift ideas, nothing tops our handcrafted hardwood furniture, made right here in the USA. Anyone on your list would love a piece of oak, cherry, maple or walnut furniture made from locally sourced hardwoods by fine furniture makers here in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Personal Gift Ideas That Are Made in The USA

Treasured Country Gifts has a variety of more personal gift ideas that are handcrafted in the USA for the special lady in your life. You will find that we have a nice selection of gorgeous jewelry ranging from necklaces and extenders to bracelets and earrings. All of the jewelry in our store is made in the USA and would make a great gift idea for your daughter or her teacher, or anyone in between!

Do you need gift ideas for someone that you would like to treat to something more indulgent? Perhaps you should consider something from our made in the USA bath and body line from Whispering Willow. There are sugar scrubs and soaps in a variety of scents. You will be sure to find something that will please the most discerning person on your list!  10% of their profits are donated to charity, give the gift that gives back!

As you are doing your holiday shopping, be sure to peruse all the wonderful made in the USA gift ideas in our online store. We stand by the quality of all of our products, and guarantee that every item we carry is made in the USA. Make us your first stop for your holiday shopping!

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Homegrown Beauty - Top Reasons to Buy Products Made in the USA

Cathy Zimmer

When you think of beauty products, you may think something exotic or expensive will yield the greatest results. The real beauty of it is, there are amazing product lines that not only are inexpensive and made with natural ingredients, but that are also made right here in the USA. There are so many reasons to buy beauty products made in the USA. The following are just some of the reasons why American made brands are the way to go.

Quality Products and Safe Working Conditions

When you buy beauty products made in the USA, you're getting a safe, quality product. Moreover, buying American made products supports American workers, child labor laws, safe working conditions and American safety standards. More than 75% of Americans prefer to buy American made products. The US also has higher quality environmental regulations with more stringent rules. You can ensure that when you buy American made eco- friendly beauty products, you are getting products that are helping to keep the world a little cleaner by reducing the amount of pollution being put into our environment. Be sure to check your beauty products packaging to make sure your beauty products were made in the USA, and also look to see that your products were manufactured in America. In recent years, this is a topic that has become important to consumers as well. In the USA, companies will usually put this in bold letters on their product.

Three of the Best American Made Beauty Brands

In today's quest for the top American made products, there are websites dedicated to researching and bringing these product to you. is an amazing site that brings you high-quality American-Made products to purchase for yourself, or as a meaningful gift for someone special in your life. Along with products found online, there are beauty products on department store shelves, found in major chains, and in local drug stores. With so many products to choose from, it's so reassuring to know that some of the highest quality beauty products are made in the USA. Here are three favorite brands made in America:

  • Philosophy. This all-American brand made its debut in 1996 and has become a fan favorite ever since, even making it onto Oprah's favorite things episode.
  • Rms beauty is a chemical free beauty line manufactured in the US. RMS uses raw, organic ingredients in their purest form, which not only makes their products non-toxic, but creates a product that nourishes and heals the skin.
  • Tata Harper is a skin-care line, handmade and sourced in Vermont. They manufacture their products themselves as well to ensure everything that goes in is 100% natural.

The list of beauty products made in the USA is endless. From makeup, to shampoos, to soaps, deodorants, beauty tools and more, you can be sure that when you shop beauty products from it's a win, win! Not only are you are getting a higher quality product that is made in America, but you're helping to support local economies, you're keeping the environment clean and you're helping America grow stronger.

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